Basius 2.5 Pads

I’ve always been a big fan of making great looking bases for my models to showcase them on the table top, so I’m always on the lookout for great products to make that a reality.

Trawling through Kickstarter, I found the Basius 2.5 pads funding page by wargamesbakery. Having owned one of the first basius pads, I immediately jumped on board for the maximum order allowed. Shame it was only for three as I would have bought the full selection given the option.

The Basius pad is a negative textured push pad designed for use with 2 part products such as greenstuff. The pads are dual sided; one side is a clean, crisp texture and on the other is a debris-strewn, war-torn and destroyed surface. 

To use these pads add a small amount of greenstuff onto a plastic base, then wet the area of the pad that you’re about to use. Press the base and greenstuff down onto the basius pad firmly. Gently prise the base away from the pad and trim the excess off with a hobby blade.

As well as using greenstuff I have also tried other modelling clays. Lately, I have been using a variety called FIMO. Greenstuff is much more forgiving, and you have a greater working time with greenstuff wet than FIMO. I had a couple of packs available, and I find when compared to greenstuff it is more malleable and the working time is longer, so I can create large numbers of troop bases with minimal waste quickly.

Be warned FIMO clay doesn’t like water much and will become gooey and horrible quickly if you work too much moisture into it. Once it’s in this consistency, it will get stuck in the fine detail areas of the pad.

I like to wet this stuff only when pressing it into the mould, I then set it aside to dry and do the next one.

Watch my main blog site for more bases using these awesome products and more.


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