Fallout Hobbies – Decals and Stencils

A while back trawling kickstarter again i found a bloke wanting to setup a business doing high quality decals. At the time i was building the Reaver Titan  and there are no decals for the Legio Ignatum Fire Wasps. The real prise of that kickstarter for me was the airbrush stencil stretch goals. These are brilliant laser cut low tac vinyl stickers essentially custom designed to be whatever you need.

As my legion is the 7th  and use the Maltese cross and for iconography as well as the raised fist i had plenty of reasons to want airbrush stencils.

Word of advice if there is a specific icon that will be used on most vehicles and units you own then make sure you add a whole lot of repeats on the custom sheet. I’ve found they are reusable but will eventually lose their tack or get damaged.

I recommend checking them out. www.fallouthobbies.com

I didn’t take any photos of the stencils themselves but i will make sure that is rectified when i drag them out again. Until then here are some images of the decals applied and the final results of the stencils.

Xiphon Fighter

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