Testors Dullcoat

I have had some horror stories when it comes to varnish and so when i read about a product that others have been having great success with i thought it best to try for myself.

What spurred my research for a varnish was the Badger Minitaire Ghost Tints. if you check out my titan images (Reaver or Warhound) All the varnishes i had used previously on these paints took the vivid depth out of them and left them slightly opaque or milky.

Here’s the company link for the Dullcoat product. Testors Dullcoat Link

BIG WARNING!!!This product is a lacquer topcoat Do not handle your acrylic painted models whilst the product is wet it will ruin your efforts and the finish!!! That being said, provided you don’t touch the model the detail will be crisp and protected. I haven’t had any bubbling issues using the metal paints from AK Interactive or Vallejo metallic acrylic paints

The coverage is very even and I’ve not once had any spray can issues or blockages. My only negative is the size of the can as i’m buying a few each time i head down to my local hobby shop. I simply can’t rate this product highly enough so if you’ve been hunting for a matt varnish to use with your ghost tints or any other

If you’re looking for somewhere to purchase this product in Western Australia then i’ve found it in a couple the places 1 Stanbridges and 2 Perth Hobby Centre otherwise the Combat Company also stocks it.

Here’s a video i found on Tips for testors dull cote. Its great for some paints and a debacle for others. Testors Dull Cote Tips #1


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